GelaCell™ 3D scaffold for tissue engineering is produced by Gelatex Technologies with our proprietary nanofiber production technology.


It is the most cost-effective and scalable solution-spinning technology for the quick production of nanofibers from bio-based and other polymers.

Gelatex nanofiber production

Our proprietary production technology enables us to produce nanofibrous 3D structure that is the most similar to the extracellular matrix. Our nanofiber materials morphology is unique compared to conventional electrospun nanofibers. More porous fiber networks and partial z-axis orientation support cell migration into deeper layers of the material.

Extracellular matrix.png
Gelatex nanofiber structure.png
Electrospun nanofiber structure.png

Extracellular matrix

Source: Mdpi.com

GelaCell™ by Gelatex

Source: Gelatex Technologies

Electrospun nanofibers

Source: Gelatex Technologies


GelaCell™ scaffolds are made only from high-quality raw materials.

The scaffolds support the growth of different cells because of their constant chemical composition.

Currently available from cross-linked gelatin and corn-based Zein polymer.



We can produce the scaffolds also from other polymers and adjust the parameters such as the fiber size, material thickness or porosity.

for quotation about other polymers or customized properties.